Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Imelda

 This is my friend, Imelda. Her daughter convinced her to try Nerium and in less than a month, these are her results. The lighting is SO HARD to get perfectly the same, but we are doing our best, here.

 I can see improvements and changes around the outer eye especially, but around the bridge of her nose there is marked improvement as well. Will your face like NeriumAD this much?
Thanks Imelda for letting me share. I'm giving this post to my sister as she and Imelda's daughter are great friends.

To learn more about the NeriumAD product, visit the website below. Remember, it has a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don't like it...you won't lose the contents of your wallet.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marilyn 90 day

Marilyn's pictures don't do them justice. I will get more pictures next month and try to get a more true shot but you can see at this angle how smooth her skin is starting to look especially in the cheekbone area. She said the tone and texture of her face feels, "amazing." She's also trying to finish up getting her 3 customers so she can get free product. This California mother of 8 is LOVING her Nerium.

I have the best customers EVER

Dawn 1 month and 1 week

Despite the pixelated picture and not being able to see drastic changes because of it, Dawn (one of my first few customers) is loving her Nerium and has noticed it working in the following areas. Here is what she said:

"My face loves it! The wrinkles in my forehead are barely there and same with the lines between the eyebrows. I've noticed my neck lines aren't so deep. My face feels so soft, looks good and around my eye is really soft too! I'll have to work on finding a good pot in the house to take pics!"

If you could feel YOUR young skin on your face again, you would see why NeriumAD is so amazing too!

click below to try it out with a 30 day money back guarantee. Dawn is working on getting hers free and once she gets her 3rd referral to sign up on the link below she will be in the land of free NeriumAD. Yay, Dawn!


and, though we have the same last name, Dawn is not related to me (at least anywhere close). We went to high school together and now, years later, have the same last name!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Katie 90 day picture

Okay, so I finally got my 90 day after picture put side-by-side. Now, there is one thing I wanted to say. Watching my face on a day to day basis made it hard to tell if Nerium was actually doing anything for my skin. People would ask me and I would say things like, "I think its working. It feels good but I'm not seeing HUGE changes but I'm holding out till my 90 day picture." 

Let me just remind you these are un-doctored photos (cropped but other than that no changes made). I tried my best to get the same angle and use the same lighting at the same spot in my house.

I can definitely see a difference in my skin. It was hard to notice when those changes from day to day were so negligable. But when you compare a 90 day snapshot, it was easy to see what changes were had.

1) The dark circles under my eyes are not as dark. I have noticed that I have not needed as much under-eye makeup and/or I go without makeup and feel my face is bright and fresh.

2) The lines on my forehead have reduced. 

3) The uneven skin tones have evened out and the dark spotting is not as dark. I do have freckles, but these weren't just freckles, they were in places on my face that I don't get freckles, like around my mouth. It was weird but now it seems mostly gone.

4) My skin feels fresh and supple everyday. The tone and texture have greatly improved. I find myself touching my face a lot more (probably not great to touch your face all day) but it feels so soft and fresh!
Every night I put this on my face and then instead of washing my hands I wipe the excess off onto the backs of my hands. While I didn't get a picture of my hands 90 days ago, I can tell that they are more youthful.

This stuff really does what it says.

 you can visit my website and get a bottle there with a 30 day money back guarantee.


See the difference in my forehead and my pores??

Up next, Marilyn's 90 day progress photo. It is amazing. I'm tickled pink about her results.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet Dawn

 Meet my friend Dawn. Military wife and mom of 5 beautiful boys, we grew up in the same town but always went to neighboring schools (except during Jr. High) and neighboring church wards. We were rivals on the basketball court, but friends at church camp. Our moms were friends and then, by small chance, we both married and ended up with the same last name (that we pronooonce differently) but aren't related (except I'm sure way back up the line somewhere). 

Dawn told me she was interested in trying a sample of NeriumAD and I mailed her a 5 day sample. The changes in her pictures aren't drastic, but they are there.....and she said she also could feel what she couldn't see.

These are her before and afters.
In her own words she said, "I could tell a difference in my forehead and my skin! I do like that it is a night time moisturizer so that my face doesn't feel cakey after putting my makeup on. My face felt softer, less dry and did look better."

She liked it so much she's getting some of her own and wants to take 90 day pictures also. Stay tuned in 3 months for those.

Thanks Dawn! I'm so glad you love the stuff.

visit my website and sign up to purchase your own months supply with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Katie 2 Month Progress

I have been using Nerium now, every night, for 2 months. Okay, confession; I got lazy twice and didn't put it on. Oh, deary me.

So apart from being a little scary without makeup, I can see (and feel) progress. I already mentioned my scar in an earlier post.  That continues to be amazing (I am bummed I didn't include my scar in the before picture).  You can see again that apart from the freckle, it is hardly noticeable in my after picture. Here is what I have noticed with Nerium:

-The lines on my forehead have greatly diminished
-My glabella lines have decreased (the ones between the eyebrows)
-The tone and texture of my face feels so amazing
-My skin feels supple and pliable instead of dry and on the verge of cracking
-My smile lines have decreased
-The emerging lines when I smile have lessened and the area around them looks more full
-I do not wear as much foundation as I used to because I feel the dark circles under my eyes aren't as dark and there isn't as much to BLEND in.

These are the things that Nerium has not helped that I was hoping it would:
-It has not decreased my zits. Oh, the joys of adult skin problems
-It has not gotten rid of my psoriasis dry patches though they have lessened

                                     BEFORE                                                             AFTER 2 months
                                     11/5/2012                                                              1/2/2013

More fun pictures to come. Up next, meet my friend Dawn.